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Explore the vibrant world of Madison's budding art scene through 'Mad City Arts'! Delve into captivating highlights, immersive photo galleries, and insightful project analysis curated from the brilliant works of past art students in the area. Led by the esteemed teacher and artist, Louis of Lou Art, gain a unique perspective through commentary and analysis on the evolution of artistic talent in the Madison community. Immerse yourself in creativity, inspiration, and the captivating journey of local artistry at Mad City Arts.

Reflections project featured image

Reflection Project

Explore the vibrant world of creativity as Sherman Middle School’s 7th-Grade students showcase their talent in the Reflection Project. These students unveil a captivating array of art, providing a glimpse into the minds of budding artists and the inspiration behind their compelling works. Join us on a visual journey, where each stroke and color reflect the unique perspectives of these young creators, making the Reflection Project a celebration of imagination and artistic expression.

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opposite faces featured image

Opposite Faces Project

In a kaleidoscope of creative exploration, Sherman Middle School’s 6th-Grade students have embarked on a captivating journey with the “Opposite Faces Project.” This imaginative initiative has transformed the art room into a gallery of dualities, where contrasting expressions come together to form a stunning tapestry of artistic brilliance. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of the Opposite Faces Project at Sherman Middle School.

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Zentangle Art from Sherman Middle School 7th Grade Students.

Zentangle Animal Project

At Sherman Middle School, the artistic expression takes a zen-like turn as the 7th grade students delve into the captivating world of the “Zentangle Animal Project”. This unique initiative has transformed the art room into a sanctuary of creativity, where intricate patterns and imaginative animals converge in a tapestry of tranquility. Join us as we explore the beauty and mindfulness behind Sherman Middle school’s Zentangle Animal Project.

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Crazy Hair Project examples from Sherman Middle School 8th Grade

Crazy Hair Project

Creativity knows no bounds, especially at Sherman Middle School, where the 8th Grade Students recently took center stage with their wildly imaginative “Craz Hair Project”. This art initiative turned the school into a gallery of extraordinary, hair-inspired masterpieces, showcasing the incredible artistic talents of Sherman’s young minds. Let’s delve into the vibrant work of Sherman Middle School’s Crazy Hair Project.

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The 8th Grade student work for the Mad City Arts Lou Art challenge is the use of Primary Colors

Primary Color Challenge

Art by Sherman Middle School 8th Grade Students Dive into the vibrant world of artistry with Mad City Arts – Primary Color Challenge! Be captivated by the stunning artworks crafted by the talented 8th-grade students from Sherman Middle School as they take on the challenge of utilizing primary colors in their creations. Immerse yourself in…

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Mad City Arts blog Optical Illusion student art taught by Louis Ely, of Lou Art

Optical Illusions Art

Art by Sherman Middle School 7th Grade Students Dive into the captivating world of Optical Illusions Art with Mad City Arts! Explore mind-bending examples crafted by the talented 7th-grade students of Sherman Middle School. Unveil the creativity and ingenuity of these young artists as they showcase their mesmerizing optical illusions. Delve into gallery below to…

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