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Painting of a sunflower with paint brushes, brush strokes and glasses of wine, all for private paint and sip art lessons in Madison Wisconsin taught by Madison Wisconsin artist Louis Ely.

A Splash of Paint and A Sip of Your Favorite Beverage Paint & Sip Private Art Classes

Art is magical, but it's not magic. Everyone has an internal artist who is waiting to be born. Louis will guide you on a journey that will awaken your personal artist. Each session will be unique based on your desires. You may wish to develop your impressionism, abstract style, and/or realism.

Unlock Your Creativity with Lou Art Reserve Private Art Lessons and Paint & Sip Nights in Madison, WI

Immerse yourself in artistry with Lou Art: Experience unforgettable private art lessons and engaging paint & sip wine nights in Madison, WI. Reserve your spot today and unleash your inner artist!

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Discover exquisite prints and original paintings by Louis. Commission your custom masterpiece for you home, office, and loved ones. Shop the collection, direct from the artist and elevate your surroundings with Lou Art.

“Art pulls a community together... Art makes you feel differently. That's what artists are doing all the time, shifting and changing the way you see life.”

Lister Sinclair

Meet Louis of Lou Art in Madison, WI Artist, Art Teacher, Husband & UW Badger Alumni

Creating art is my passion. Recently one of my paintings was commissioned by the city of Madison to be displayed on an electrical box. As an African American man, I am honored to be representing my culture. My hope is that my art will inspire young African American males to pursue their dreams. They need to remember they are the masters of their fate, captains of their souls, no one can take their dreams away. The child who dreamed of being an artist became one and has taught countless students to express themselves through art. That child is me.

Artist Louis Ely proudly stands beside his latest commissioned art piece. The intuitive lion line art was commissioned by the city of Madison, Wisconsin to appear on electrical boxes to add culture and style to the areas public utilities.

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Artistic inspiration comes to life in every stroke and hue. Immerse yourself in Louis' creations, each canvas a unique expression of creativity and emotion. From vibrant intuitive marks to evocative portraits, our art gallery invites you to click through and experience the stories behind each masterpiece, as we share glimpses of the Louis’ heart and vision. Let the colors, textures, and forms take you on a journey of visual delight and introspection.