Madison, WI Art Lessons

A Splash of Paint and A Sip of Your Favorite Beverage Paint and Sip Classes

The Paint and Sip Journey

Art is magical, but it's not magic. Everyone has an internal artist who is waiting to be born. Louis will guide you on a journey that will awaken your personal artist. Each session will be unique based on your desires. You may wish to develop your impressionism, abstract style, and/or realism.

Being an animal lover, Louis will guide you as you create an expression of the love you have for your beloved pet. If is a portrait of a kindred spirit he will guide you through the process of creating a keepsake. 

Sunflower and blue background with wine glasses, acrylic paint strokes and paint brushes, symbolizes paint and sip private art lessons by Lou Art in Madison, WI.
Group of painting students partake in the Flight of the Hummingbird paint and sip wine night art lesson taught by UW Madison alumni Louis Ely.

Paint and Sip Locations

These classes are a celebration of life be it a birthday, anniversary, family reunion, sweet sixteen, date night, gathering of friends, or a specific holiday.

Classes can be held at various locations, you decide. Supplies will be provided along with a customized art lesson. At the end of each session, you will leave with a piece of artwork that can be displayed for your loved ones to admire. Additionally, you will have expanded your artistic soul, which is priceless.

Lou Art Private Art Lessons

Each lesson is customized to your passions. Louis will guide you through your artistic journey supporting you as you develop your creative skills. He will discuss with you your goals and design an individualized plan that enables you to express yourself in a visual language.

Contact me to schedule lessons or request on-going and recurring lessons.

Example of student artwork painting during a private art lessons taught by Louis Ely of Lou Art in Madison, WI
Group of students pose with Louis Ely and display their paintings created during a group art lessons taught by Lou Art in Madison, WI.

Local Madison, WI Group Lessons

If you are looking to level-up your creative side group classes are for you. Classes will be a step by step approach, which will allow you to build your skills set. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of making and finding your personal style in painting and drawing.

Classes are held during the evening or weekend hours, and for just a couple of hours. Classes are held for all media.